Password Protect a Folder

Password Protect Folder

It is not easy to protect your personal folder from someone with whom you are sharing your Win 8 PC or laptop. Yet you can password protect a folder in Win 8 using certain traditional ways. Let us now check out a traditional technique to protect folder with password. The following steps will explain in detail about how to password protect folders in Windows 8

  • Any Windows 8 user can begin the process of folder protection by creating a folder first.
  • Next step would be to right click on the folder and also to hit the properties option
  • After reaching properties, click on the security tab and once it is clicked one must opt for the user from whom you want to protect the folder. After having chosen the user, click on the edit option.
  • Now after following all the above mentioned steps, once again select that another user from whom you want to keep the folder private. Later the first deny box must be checked. Once it is done click on apply option. As soon as the you click this button the folder will get protected. Thus, it is very easy to password protect a folder on Windows 8 computer using these steps.

Effective way to password protect compressed folder:

To password protect a folder after compressing say a zipped folder is not a big deal. There are different strategies to do this. These strategies can be applied depending upon the version of Windows operating system which is currently being used by the user. If a user has installed XP in his PC then the strategy which comes into the picture is as explained below

  • Firstly, locate the file which should be zipped with the help of Windows explorer
  • Then a right click on the file and the selection of “Send To” as well as “Compressed (Zipped) folder” will create a new compressed folder which will have the same name as that of the folder.
  • After this right click on any other file which you want to compress and select its copy.
  • Now right click on the compressed folder which you created in the earlier steps and paste the copied file there. Keep following the same procedure of pasting the desired files into the compressed folder until you paste the last desired file into the folder. As soon as you paste the last file into the folder right click on the compressed folder and select the option of Explore.
  • In the file option select “Add a password”. Simply enter the password and then confirm it to password protect a folder which is compressed.

This is how a compressed folder is password protected using a simple strategy.

A brief introduction on how to password protect a folder on iPad:

If you don’t want any stranger to access your personal or private folders on iPad, then you must have to password protect it by making some modifications in the settings part. Let us check out how iPad folders can be password protected.

  • First you need to go to the settings in your iPad
  • Then you will get an option called as General. Click on it and proceed further
  • Once you click on it one more option will appear called as Restrictions. You have to enable it
  • Once you enable it your iPad will ask you to set the pass code or password. Just type in a simple password to password protect a folder in your iPad device. Now all your folders and apps in your iPad device are password protected and no one else except you can access these folders and apps.

How to make password protect a folder in Android manually?

Android is pretty famous because of its amazing in-built features. One of its features which lets the user to password protect various folders has made it even more famous. By making some simple changes in your Android phone, you can protect folder with password that are stored in your device. So let us get to know the changes that need to be made in the Android mobile to password protect the folders in it.

  • First tap on the settings option in your Android
  • Then you will find an option called security under this option. Just click on it
  • As soon as you hit this option a screen will appear which will prompt you to change the screen lock. So click on the "Change Screen Lock" option
  • After this step you need to choose Password among "PIN", "PATTERN" and "PASSWORD" options
  • Type in a password and set it as your screen lock password. This is the way to password protect a folder on Android.

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